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My name is Ray Ally, and I've been in photography since 2010 shooting primarily in the pageant, modeling, and beauty industries.  The journey was a blessing and a curse in the beginning years as I shot everyone from National and International Pageant Title holders to local celebrities under my previous business and artist name "AllyKatPhotography".  Some of my favorite experiences come from working with title holders from the Miss USA, Miss World Miss America, and Miss Earth pageants.


I recently returned to photography in 2022 after a 4 year hiatus looking to make a big re-emergence but with a different style.  There was a big whole in my heart, and photography was the fix for that whole..... except I knew that things would need to be different upon my return.  I plan to really explore a more artistic route, constantly learn, and challenge myself to make each shot as unique as I can. 


I am always looking for artistic types to collaborate with, but I am really focused on working with folks that either have a platform and large following, or can really help me bring out the creative ideas in my head.  I am also a videographer which you will see that work slowly expand over the next few years on my YouTube channel. I like to think of myself as a story teller when it comes to creating concepts for video and you are my main subject when telling a story.  I look forward to the many more years of working with fellow artists and clients who share my vision or need my help to create a vision for them. 


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  • I've been in photography since 2010, and did shoots primarily in the pageant, modeling, and beauty i
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